What do NASCAR drivers, Kobe and Tiger have in Common with Developers?

Nascar, Kobe Bryant, Tiger Woods


First and foremost, I’m founder of AppMotionPR and create and execute public relations, marketing and social media plans for clients. I’m also a developer and have a new app on the App Store … a free Clock Weather News app for the iPhone. Today, I want to look at what NASCAR drivers, Kobe and Tiger have in common with developers.

They all are extremely meticulous when it comes to performing in their respective arenas. Think about it for a minute. All the hours training, performing, dribbling, driving, putting … all in the pursuit of a championship.

Now, stick with me for a minute. Developers don’t necessarily have the chance to win championships in the traditional sense, but launching a new iPhone, iPad or iPod touch app on the App Store is kind of like a championship in that all of a developer’s hard work over the last weeks or months has come together to either win or lose on the App Store.

If timing, proper target, design, functionality, marketing and monetization all hit at full speed … there might even be a chance that the developer wins a top spot on the App Store, receives and Editor’s Choice by Apple, gets thousands upon thousands of downloads, makes headlines across the interwebs, burns up the social media airways and rakes in the big money like champion NASCAR drivers, Kobe Bryant and Tiger Woods.

But before all of the fame and fortune hits, devs most remember one thing … all of that cannot happen without first sketching, coding, resketching, tweaking, testing, researching and loosing a bit of sleep due to countless hours of the aforementioned tasks.

So when a dev is in a panic, out of motivational thoughts to keep going … they must remember that championship NASCAR drivers, Kobe and Tiger once road wagons, couldn’t reach the rim and had no clue what Nike was.

So what do developers have in common with NASCAR drivers, Kobe and Tiger? A lot.

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